• Corkart
    Wicanders Cork is a premium cork flooring line

    Corkart is based in Vendas Novas, Portugal , which is in the heart of Portugal ’s cork forests. Using traditional methods to harvest the cork the trees are not cut down and cork is harvested for years. Corkart produces beautiful floors that are environmentally sound.

  • Solida
    Wicanders VinylComfort is developed for homes, hotels, shops, offices and other locations where fashion, durability and cleanliness of the floor are decisive factors, this line exceeds all the expectations of interior designers, architects and builders.

    Solida cork has all the great environmental benefits of our other cork lines with the added advantage of being customizable. You pick your pattern/texture and your colour and the finish is applied in Ontario and shipped out. The only issue with this is making a choice.

  • Wincaders
    Wicanders Cork is a premium cork flooring line

    Wicanders Cork is a premium cork flooring line. They were one of the first brands in the North American market, and their quality and selection is fantastic. They have the standard click products, as well as a plank style with a beveled edge, giving the cork a traditional wood flooring look.