• Power Pipe

    The Power-Pipe can reduce your household water heating cost by up to 40%. Water heating accounts for 20-25% of the total energy consumption in a typical home and showering demands the bulk of that hot water load.  With the Power-Pipe you can recover much of this energy.

  • Caroma

    Caroma started in 1941 in Australia and has been producing innovative bathroom fixtures ever since. They are a global leader in producing high efficiency dual flush toilets; their high performance has set new standards for water conservation. Combining superior technology with beautiful design Caroma products are a green choice for your project.

  • OYA

    GrowOya is a Vancouver based company committed to helping you reduce your water usage in the garden. The Oya is a terracotta vessel that you plant in the ground and fill with water. Your plants will pull the water from the vessel as they need it reducing the water that simply evaporates off the surface Read More …

  • Austin Air Purifiers
    Austin Air Purifier

    Austin Air makes great air purifying machines. The machines are designed for people with everyday air quality concerns, especially those who are chemically-sensitive or that have allergies. Why Austin Air? First of all Austin Air air purifiers remove virtually all airborne particles by performing several critical air quality remediation functions. Their 4-stage filtration system contains True Read More …