• Pearl Sinks

    Pearl Sinks is based in Vancouver BC and is the leading manufactures of sinks and faucets in Canada .  All the Kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks are fabricated in China using the most reliable surgical grade T304 stainless steel and super-heated fireclay ceramic. With both tradition and contemporary style Pearl Sinks provides beautiful products and great Read More …

  • Power Pipe

    The Power-Pipe can reduce your household water heating cost by up to 40%. Water heating accounts for 20-25% of the total energy consumption in a typical home and showering demands the bulk of that hot water load.  With the Power-Pipe you can recover much of this energy.

  • Caroma

    Caroma started in 1941 in Australia and has been producing innovative bathroom fixtures ever since. They are a global leader in producing high efficiency dual flush toilets; their high performance has set new standards for water conservation. Combining superior technology with beautiful design Caroma products are a green choice for your project.