Broda Pro-Tek-Tor Exterior Wood Finish

Broda Pro-Tek-Tor

Now that it is nice out and we are tackling our outside project many people are trying to pick a wood finish to protect decks, wood fences and siding. GreenWorks has been selling the Broda Pro-Tek-Tor product since we opened 10 years ago and we still think it is one of the best products for exterior stain. Broda was developed by a log home builder in BC that could not find a wood finish that withstood our weather and worked on soft woods, so he collaborated with a chemist to develop the Pro-Tek-Tor products. It was important to him to have a product that offered outstanding performance in extreme weather conditions, with low toxicity and environmentally friendly.

Broda Pro-Tek-Tor used on Cedar Siding

Last year Shamus from Green Suite Painting told us about the incredible performance of the Broda Pro-Tek-Tor wood stain they witnessed. “The house we were working on was stained with Broda 7 years ago and we were applying the UV top coat (a ‘sacrificial’ maintenance coat that should be refreshed every couple of years to keep the original colour coat strong and intact). The custom windows and doors (which were stained using a conventional petroleum-based product), were beigining to fail: to lift and to lose their colour, whereas the siding was holing up beautifully.”

Green Suite Painting Applying Broda Pro-Tek-Tor

Pro-Tek-Tor is a water-borne natural oil finish. It has a the durability of an oil finish but is low-VOC and can clean up with soap and water. The product is made from linseed oil, Tung Oil and water, UV blockers and anti-mildew ingredients make it extremely durable then we add oxide and trans-oxide pigments of colour.


With 50 standard colours to chose from you are sure to find one to work with in your project. The colour helps with the UV protection so it is important to use colour to get the maximum protection. Pro-Tek-Tor is a DIY product and in fairly easy to apply if you don’t feel up to the task Green Suite Painting uses it all the time and I am sure they can help.

Check out this great cabin project that Green Suite worked on. You can read the full blog post here

Broda apple box cabin

Want to learn more about how to use Broda they have great how to videos here or come by the shop and we are happy to help.

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