Why Choose Natural Wool Carpets?

Why choose natural wool carpet?

Natural wool carpets have a whole list of amazing benefits!

– no synthetic dyes! usually dyed with natural pigments which is great for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities.

– amazing insulation properties! Just think of the money this would save you on your heating bill in the winter.

– naturally fire resistant! No need to be sprayed with harmful fire retardants.

– very durable! due to the nature of curl in sheep wool its has a great deal of bounce back from daily wear.

– naturally water resistant! if you spill water on wool it tends to bead giving you enough time to grap a cloth and wipe it up.

– resistance to moisture!  when wool gets wet it absorbs moisture within the fibres themselves, so when wool does get wet, it often does not feel damp to the touch.

– naturally stain resistant! wool fibres have a natural protective outer layer that prevents stains from being absorbed.

– natural wool is a renewable resource! It is sheared off of the sheep every year and then grows back in time to keep the sheep warm for the winter.

As you can probably imagine synthetic carpet can be bad for the your health and the environment. But why?

Synthetic carpets are made up of nylon, polyester, and acrylic, all of which are petroleum based products and not sustainable. The synthetic fibres are then backed by materials such as latex, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), 4-phenylcylclohexene, or polyurethane which are also petroleum based. Although carpet seems to have a very short life in the house, it lasts forever in a landfill and, until recently, not a lot of effort has been put toward recycling it.

Synthetic carpeting contains all kinds of harmful chemicals such as fire retardants with PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers), petroleum byproducts and synthetics (polypropylene, nylon, acrylics), soil and stain repellents, vinyl or latex, PVC, urethane, anti static sprays, artificial dyes, antimicrobial treatments, and known carcinogens such as p-Dichlorobenzene. These synthetic chemicals off- gas into our homes and indoor spaces, which over time as we breath them in and absorb them through our skin could cause some serious health concerns down the line.

One of our natural wool carpet lines is Natures Carpet.

Nature’s Carpet have been proudly supplying natural wool carpet throughout Canada and the United States, for over 30 years.

Durable, long-lasting, soft and comfortable, excellent sound absorption and insulation, filters allergens and dust, as well as low toxicity.


Compliant with international certifications: GUT (Europe) Green Star (Australia & New Zealand), LEED (North America)



Nature’s Carpet have also developed the Green Spectrum to clarify the varying degrees of their eco-friendly flooring. Their “Dark Green” products are the most natural and environmentally friendly, featuring undyed and chemical free wool, as well as natural backings and adhesives. Their “Medium Green” and “Light Green” carpets, while still far more environmentally conscious than synthetic broadloom carpet, feature many but not all the features of the Dark Green, as outlined below.

Dark GreenNatures Carpet Wool

• 100% undyed wool pile

• No chemical additives

• No insecticides

• Natural jute secondary backing

• Natural latex adhesive

• Biodegradable

• Low-VOC emissions (certified)

Natures Carpet WoolMedium Green

• 100% wool pile

• Undyed or stable low VOC dyes

• Insect resistant

• Natural jute secondary backing

• Synthetic backing adhesive

• Low-VOC emissions (certified)

Light GreenNatures Carpet

• Wool or wool-blend pile

• Stable low VOC dye

s • Insect resistant

• Synthetic or jute secondary backing

• Synthetic backing adhesive

• Low-VOC emissions (certified)


 Stop in our Vancouver showroom to find out more about pricing and range 

79 W 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3T8

or call us at 604-685-3611 for more information regarding Nature’s Carpet


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