Green Filters




Buying products made locally reduces your carbon foot print and helps support local jobs. We try to have local products where ever possible.

  • Products made within 800 KM of us.
  • Tiles and glass countertops made in Burnaby
  • Exterior wood finish made in Vancouver,
  • Wood floors made in Delta,
  • Recycled paper countertops made in Washington state
  • Reclaimed wood countertops made in Washington state

Environmental Friendly

We look for products that are easy on the earth. This means made from recycled materials, certified well managed and organic.

  • Recycled and Reclaimed
  • Rapidly Renewable
  • Sustainable Sources
  • Natural Ingredients / Less Chemicals


Indoor Air Quality and using less chemicals is important to your health. Products are characterized with the flowing features:

  • Low-VOC
  • Zero-VOC
  • Anti-allergenic properties
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria or dust mites
  • Free of contributing to unhealthy air
  • Clean the air


Reducing energy and water consumption is a key element in living a green life.


  • Natural daylighting systems
  • Recapturing free heat
  • Energy-efficient optimizing product
  • Capture wasted energy
  • Reduce water consumption

Socially Responsible

We try and make sure the company we deal with go the extra mile from worker safety to fair wages.

  • Truthful marketing
  • Creation of green jobs