How to have a less wasteful Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Did you know that Halloween is in the top 10 consumer spending events? With this comes a ton of waste. We are spending more money on decorations and candy then ever. I don’t remember Halloween lights being a thing when I was a kid. We thought we would give some ideas about how to have a less wasteful Halloween.


Costumes are a big expense and the most fun. Reuse reuse reuse! If you have small children ask around someone will have a costume for your little one. Until they are about 3 they are usually happy to just dress up. I didn’t need to start having specific costumes until my kids were about 4. Still ask around lots of people have costumes sitting in closets not being used. If you can’t find any thing to borrow check out the thrift stores. Value Village sells some used costumes. This year both of my kids are being characters from books we are reading so we had to make the costumes. We hit the thrift stores and managed to get the bulk of the costumes there. I needed to make a cloak for one of the costumes so we found a sheet in the right colour and sewed it out of that.

Trick or Treat

The treats for this years Halloween has been hard for me. We get over 200 kids so to give out organic candy would cost so much money. I managed to find Halloween themed pencils and erasers that I am giving out along with some lolly pops that seemed not too bad.

Both of my kids have Halloween bags that they reuse every year. One of them is a reusable shopping bag I got from somewhere with a Halloween theme. We use it for grocery’s the rest of the year.


My kids and my partner love to decorate for Halloween. All of our decorations are things we reuse every year. Some of them are even things we have made.


Carving pumpkins is great fun! But make sure you roast the pumpkin seeds. Check out this recipe Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

If you don’t like carving and want to decorate your pumpkins check out this great post by Colorhouse Paint on decorating pumpkins

Make sure that you either use the pumpkin to make something or compost it.

Check out these clever ways to use pumpkin!

 Have a happy Halloween!




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