What is Osmo Top Oil?

Osmo Top Oil

Osmo Top Oil is a hard-wax oil finish that penetrates into the wood and forms a breathable surface. Water, beer, wine, pop and juice will bead up on the surface and can be wiped up without leaving a mark. Osmo creates a microporous breathable finish that will not crack, flake or peal. It is an extremely durable finish that is food safe and rated for children’s toy making it great for butcher blocks, tables and cutting boards. No sanding is needed to spot repair or re apply the finish when it needs to be refreshed.

Osmo Top Oil is made from the same natural ingredients that all of Osmo’s products use:  A blend of natural oils, Thistle oil, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil and waxes, Carnauba wax, Candelilla wax, Paraffin wax and a drying agent Disaromatized Mineral Spirit that is in compliance with purity demands of European Pharmacopoeia.

OSMO Top Oil Clear 3056

Clear enhances the natural beauty of the wood. It will bring out the colour of the wood slightly giving it a wet look. Top Oil has a satin matt finish that feels lovely to touch.

Top Oil Natural/Clear on Fir

Top Oil Natural/Clear on Fir

OSMO Top Oil Natural 3025

Natural has a bit of white pigment in it to help to counteract any yellowing or ambering of the wood. It is a great finish to help you achieve a “raw” look. It works well on Fir, Oak, Maple and other lighter woods. On exotics and dark woods in can show as a white film instead of looking unfinished.

Top Oil on Maple Natural/Clear

Top Oil Natural/Clear on Maple


Osmo Top Oil Acacia 3026

Top Oil Acacia

Top Oil Acacia

Acacia is a warm brown finish with a satin matt sheen.

Top Oil Application is very simple. We like to use a 3M White pad instead of a rag to apply the finish so not so much gets soaked up and thrown away. To see complete application instructions click here.

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