Austin Air Purifiers

Austin Air Purifier

Austin Air makes great air purifying machines. The machines are designed for people with everyday air quality concerns, especially those who are chemically-sensitive or that have allergies.

Why Austin Air? First of all Austin Air air purifiers remove virtually all airborne particles by performing several critical air quality remediation functions. Their 4-stage filtration system contains True Medical Grade HEPA as well as Activated Carbon which eliminates airborne particles, chemicals, odors and gases. Also the machines have a 5 year warranty on the air filter. With 4 different options to choose from and two different sizes one for 700 sq ft and one for 1500 sq ft, we think these are some of the best air purifiers on the market.

Everyone deals with indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can lead to numerous health issues. Research has found that air quality indoors is  three to five times worse than outdoor air.  Paint, carpet, cleaners and many other things affect indoor air quality. We spend so much time indoors it is important that we are breathing clean air.  The best way to do that is to clean your air with and Austin Air Purifier.

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