Sleeptek Organic Mattresses

Sleeptek Mattress

We love that Sleeptek organic mattresses are made in Canada. Sleeptek has comfort in mind, starting at the very basic firm mattress, to multi layered mattresses from 6″ to 12″ with multiple comfort levels. There is truly a mattress for any sleeper. The mattresses come with a 20 year warranty. With over 27 years of making mattresses you can feel confident that this warranty means something.

Sleeptek uses only the finest materials to make there mattresses. First organic Dunlop latex is used, then it is wrapped in organic quilted wool and cotton. Dunlop latex is the purest latex. Sap (Hevea milk) is harvested from the rubber tree, then molded into sheets the same day so no chemical additives are necessary.  The organic cotton is sourced from the Peruvian Andes while wool is brought from Peru. To retain the natural lanolin oil in the wool only hot water is used in the washing process as a result the wool is completely natural and dust-mite repellent. The wool acts as a natural fire retardant so not toxic chemicals are required. This gives you not only a comfortable mattress but a healthy mattress.

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